Murgatranthes colour morphs

Some of Murgatranthes’ favourite/most commonly seen palette swaps. She paints her horns and dyes her feathers.

Bonus doodle:

Silrathus, my dear chicken

Silrathus is a fire demon and not actually a chicken, but her colours remind me of one. She is one of my most beloved creations and I’m very fond of her.

This is a remake of a 2008 piece:

Phelmarith Cradior updated reference

I think I’ve improved.

Secretary bird

My half of an art trade with Fireh9lly on! They requested ‘a cool bird’.

I did a secretary bird because they are very cool birbs. Their linnean name is Sagittarius serpentarius, which is metal as heck. They can fly but mostly can’t be bothered (relatable). And they have gorgeous eyelashes!


My half of an art trade with Beck on! They requested a crocodilian dragon.

In Korean folklore, a sea serpent who is lucky enough to find a heavenly pearl can become a true dragon. I guess this crocodile found one too!